June, smart saving

Save € 288/year
on energy

June is a smart energy assistance, saving time, money and energy!

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4.392 clients have saved over € 1.000.000 together with June

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"My energy supplier never gave me a personalised proposal, which apparently has cost me a lot. Thanks to June I am now saving more than €86 per month."

R. Heymans

"June switched me from energy supplier recently. I had no administrative burden whatsoever."

K. Bekkers

"I learned about June via Mobile Vikings. They have the same top service, correct and friendly. And who does not want to save on their energy bill?"

S. Goethals

"I estimate €240 of energy savings thanks to my behavioural change, even without switching supplier."

J. Van Cauwenberghe

100% Belgian

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We take care of everything.

so you save time.

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5 star service

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100% guaranteed

    because we guarantee your savings.

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100% personalized

because you keep control.

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100% independent

because we are never paid by energy suppliers.

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No risks.
Only benefits.

June is your personal digital energy service. June uses artificial intelligence to create smart energy services to lower your energy bill.

No more worries about your energy bill so you have time to enjoy your savings.

info guaranteed profit

How does it work?

June provides smart meter reader(s).
June provides smart meter reader(s) and a gateway.

Choose your settings.
100% personalized. Keep control by setting your personal preferences.

Monthly subscription.
Cancel your subscription any time. Simply return your smart meter reader(s) within 14 days to have your deposit refunded.

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Still not sure what June could do for you?
We’re happy to talk you through it!


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